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Protect Your Loved Ones

Secure the welfare of your children with help from Right Way Wills Ltd in South Yorkshire, England. By having a will, you can appoint a guardian to look after your sons or daughters should you pass away. 

With our help, you can have a will that details everything you require. Please call us that we can help you write your Will.

Secure Your Inheritance

When it comes to your assets, you alone should decide where they go. It is important to have a will, so you can secure your valuable possessions even when you have passed. All the things you have worked for won’t go to waste because your family and friends will inherit them in the future. 

Prevent Financial Stress For Your Partner

If you were to pass away without a will, your partner could face financial stresses at an already difficult time. This is especially true for unmarried couples, who are not entitled to inherit each other’s possessions under the law. When you have a will, your partner can receive the inheritance from you.

There are two types of LPA:

  • A "Property and Financial Affairs" Lasting Power of Attorney gives your allocated representative the authority to deal with selling and buying your property, investments, bank accounts and bills and it will allow them to be able to sign on your behalf.
  • A "Health and Welfare" Lasting Power of Attorney covers decisions about health and care and deciding where someone is to reside. This can be used if someone is incapable of being able to deal with these matters themselves. 

What is probate?

When a family member or friend pass away, their estates and possessions have to be distributed in a well organised way. This will include identifying all of the person's liabilities and assets to set up the values of the estate. 

In 2021, a simple funeral in the UK costs £4,184 and the average price of a funeral is £9,263, this is an amount some people may not be able to afford. London/ West Midlands are rated the most expensive regions in the UK for funeral prices 

When dealing with these expensive funeral costs 38% people were forced to use money from their savings account, whilst 25% had added the cost to a credit card.

A Protective Property Trust (PPT) is mostly used for those couples who are homeowners. Sometimes we will find homeowners own their home jointly  but for this trust to be successful we would have to split the ownership into 50/50 and this will be known as tenants in common.

Many people become worried when trying to keep their estates safe because they want to make sure it is passed on to their children, or their chosen beneficiaries and this cannot be changed before or after the clients death. 

If a person loses mental capacity and have failed to make a Lasting Power of Attorney, then they have no choice but to apply for a approval from the court of protection. This is because the person who has lost capacity they are not fit to choose who they want as their attorney (s) 

If someone you care for loses the right to make their own decisions you can on their behalf apply to the court of protection to be able to make decisions for them. 

People with disabilities can benefit for taxation through the Finance Act 2006. He or she have full advantage of income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. This is only if the disabled person meets certain conditions.

For people above the age of 65 they will be entitled to attendance allowance and not disability living allowance.

A vulnerable persons trust is created by the disabled person or a third party which will be on behalf of the disabled person.  

The main requirement of having this trust is that the beneficiary has to have a disability so that the trust is fixed. 



We are proud members of the Society of Will Writers. This means that we adhere to their code of practice for customer care and our will writing services. This is why we are proud to carry this logo with us. We also carry £2 million worth of professional indemnity insurance with all of our draftings - something that is imperative you ensure is in place with any company dealing with your will and estate plan.

With over 18 years of industry experience, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Proud Silver member of The Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce