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Power of Attorney

Turn to Right Way Wills Ltd in South Yorkshire, for assistance in creating a legal document that allows you to appoint an attorney who will make decisions on your behalf, when necessary.

Choosing a Power of Attorney

You have the option to appoint more than one attorney, as long as it is a person whom you trust. After all, you are granting them the rights to make decisions for you.

Choose from two types of attorneys. The Health and Welfare Attorney will assist you with your daily routine and medical care. A Property and Financial Affairs Attorney is there to help you in paying your bills, collecting your benefits and even selling your home should you choose to.

Rules and Regulations

When appointing an attorney, he or she must be over 18 years old and is able to make decisions. He or she should make decisions that you agree with and should also respect your wishes and demands. You cannot appoint someone who is currently bankrupt or subject to a debt relief order.  

Unable to Make a Lasting

Power of Attorney

If you do not have a lasting power of attorney and are unable to manage your property and financial affairs due to confinement or mental incapacitation, the Court of Protection will do it on your behalf. A relative or a person close to you is required to apply in this court, which can take up to 12 months and costs more £1,000 to process.

In addition, the person authorized to handle your affairs on your behalf is not only unlikely to be who you would have chosen but may even be a court official. You will be charged every time he or she acts for you. This process also applies to health and welfare decisions, where someone should apply in the Court of Authorization.

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Please watch our video on Lasting Power of Attorneys below for more information

Lasting Power of Attorney

Information on Lasting Power of Attorney in the UK and how to make and register an LPA. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney, a Health & Welfare LPA and a Property & Affairs.

Lasting Power of Attorney - The One Show Film

Lasting Power of Attorney - a powerful information film produced by the BBC and shown on The One Show. It demonstrates the problems that can arise and how a Lasting Power of Attorney could have prevented them.