Importance of Creating a Will

At Right Way Wills Ltd in South Yorkshire, England, we make sorting your personal affairs easier. If you don’t get a will, everything you own is distributed by the government to anybody without considering your personal relationships and friends. Only when you hire us to draft a will can you secure the welfare of your family.


Creating a will is about meeting and discussing your requests with one of our experienced consultants. We provide a professional, prompt and personal approach. In addition, we have a 14-day no-obligation option to cancel without penalty, so there is no risk in contacting us.

Please be reminded that even if you have a will, you should update it under unexpected instances, such as marriage, having children or grandchildren. If this happens, consult with us so we can review and make the necessary changes.

Drafting a Detailed Will

Our team provides advice on care authority financial assessments, the payment of care fees and the role of social services. Turn to us if you need guidance on

  • What to do when a person in care can no longer afford the fees
  • What to do when a property needs to be sold to pay fees
  • What to do when someone needs to either move out of residential care or move into the home of a relative

What else should I know about making a Will?

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What else should I know about

making a Will?

  • Circumstances change. For example, a relationship status or becoming a grandparent. We suggest reviewing your Will every year
  • The people most commonly appointed as executors on a Will are relatives or friends, solicitors or accountants, or even banks
  • It’s important to choose your executor carefully as this person will have to take on a great deal of responsibility and work. This includes administrative, legal and taxation duties
  • If you die without a Will, the law decides who’ll be responsible for your affairs and who’ll inherit your estate. This could mean those you’d prefer not to inherit, benefit
  • Standard Wills contain your personal details, appointed executors, appointed guardians, funeral details, gifting and residue of your estate

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